Minister announces $8.8m in funding for sustainable farming projects

Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy today announced a total of $8.8 million has been awarded to 42 projects around the country after the latest round of the Sustainable Farming Fund.

The projects approved in the main funding round will commence 1 July 2013 and run for one to three years.

Most of the Maori agribusiness projects have already started, with the remaining three to commence on 1 July 2013.

Guy said:

“These projects are driven from the grassroots and will help to improve economic and environmental performance. This co-funding will make a real difference to rural communities.

“Some of these projects include improving nutrient management, promoting pasture persistence, biological controls for pests, developing aquaculture, improving deer farm environmental management, and planning for collaborative water management.

“This includes 14 projects that have received funding from a special round that was run for Maori agribusiness late last year. Māori freehold land has enormous potential and some of these projects will help to realise the $8 billion in potential gains, as highlighted in a recent report by KPMG.”

Each project involves local groups and businesses which co-fund the work as well as running the project and bringing in the required expertise.

A full list of successful projects is available here

The Sustainable Farming Fund was set up in 2000 to fund projects that contribute to the economic, environmental and social wellbeing of New Zealand’s primary industries.

The fund has supported nearly 900 projects involving all sectors and interests. Aquaculture was added to the SFF’s scope in 2012.SFF funding is matched by cash and in-kind contributions from industry, community groups and individuals.

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