Halt the erosion of research funding – NZIAHS submission on Te Ara Paerangi Future Pathways Green Paper

The Government last year began a consultation on the Te Ara Paerangi Future Pathways Green Paper, which aimed to initiate an open and wide-ranging conversation on a range of issues facing the country’s research, science and innovation system.  Submissions were closed earlier this month.  Here is the NZIAHS submission…

NZIAHS welcomes the ongoing expansion of science research investment targeted towards social science issues, for implementation of Vision Matauranga and for embedding Te Tiriti in Government-funded science. These activities are necessary for our changing society. NZIAHS sees a need to recognise two key wordings in the Maori version of Te Tiriti: the article one concept of kāwanatanga katoa (i.e. governance) and the article two concept of tino rangatiratanga (i.e. unqualified chieftainship over their lands, villages, and all their taonga, treasures).

We could say that NZ’s science system needs to further develop partnership with Māori on matters of land and water use and management, and be more receptive of the concept defined by Te Ao Māori, that the health of animals, humans, and the environment is intimately connected. It is heartening to see these recognitions being championed by the Ministry for Primary Industry.

We wish to emphasise that this expansion of scientific research effort must be accompanied by an equivalent expansion of total research investment, not by a diversion of investment from current areas of focus. Continue reading