Richard Dawkins is among eminent scientists who have written to NZ’s Royal Society in defence of two professors

British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins is among the eminent scientists who have been writing to the Royal Society of New Zealand in defence of two society members whose expression of opinion about what is science and what is not may result in their expulsion.

Professor Dawkins, supporting colleagues who contend that myths do not belong in science classes, has posted on Twitter the letter he emailed to the chief executive of the Royal Society of New Zealand.

The society will have received another letter from Jerry Coyne, Professor Emeritus in  the Department of Ecology and Evolution at The University of Chicago.

Professor Coyne expressed his concerns about goings-on within the New Zealand science establishment in an article headed “Ways of knowing”: New Zealand pushes to have “indigenous knowledge” (mythology) taught on parity with modern science in science class.

The same issue was critically aired in The Spectator in a column by associate editor Toby Young headed “Why punish a scientist for defending science?” Continue reading