Another Queensland fruit fly is found in Auckland – situation update

Further biosecurity restrictions on the movement of fruit and vegetables in the Auckland suburb of Northcote are being put in place, following the find of a third Queensland fruit fly in the area.

The male fly was found in a surveillance trap just outside the A Zone controlled area, but within Zone B, and was around 270 metres away from the last detection in Northcote.

Biosecurity officials say it is disappointing they have found another fly, but the detection is showing the effectiveness of their surveillance programme.

Importantly, they still have no evidence of an established breeding population.

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Second Queensland fruit fly found in Northcote

A second Queensland fruit fly has been found in a surveillance trap in the Auckland suburb of Northcote.

The detection, in what is known as Zone A in Northcote, was 113 metres from the original detection there.

A significant trapping programme has been in operation on Auckland’s North Shore since the detection of a single male Queensland fruit fly in Devonport on February 14.

All traps on the North Shore have been checked. Those traps in Zone A are checked daily for the first seven days after the find. Continue reading

Fruit fly in Auckland – situation update from MPI

A second Facialis fruit fly has been found in a surveillance trap in the Auckland suburb of Ōtara, just 70 metres from the first detection earlier in the week.

The detection of a solitary male fly within the controlled Zone A gives us confidence our trapping programme is working, says Biosecurity New Zealand spokesperson, Dr Catherine Duthie.

“We remain of the view that it is highly unlikely that a breeding population of Facialis fruit fly would establish in New Zealand because of our climate. Facialis has never established anywhere in the world outside of Tonga.

“However, our enhanced surveillance programme in the area will continue as a precautionary measure.” Continue reading

Facialis fruit fly response in Otara – situation update

A large field operation is under way in the Auckland suburb of Otara following the discovery of a single male facialis fruit fly in a surveillance trap in the area. This is not related to the current Devonport situation.

Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) director general Ray Smith says the main focus immediately is to determine if the fly is a solitary find, or if it is part of a breeding population in the area.

The Biosecurity New Zealand response field teams are busy today setting further traps in the affected area. If any fruit flies are around, these traps will find them. Continue reading