Commission releases “achievable” blueprint for addressing climate change

Agriculture is among the sectors considered vital to a low emissions future for New Zealand in the Climate Change Commission’s blueprint for addressing climate change.  The Commission highlights the importance of further research into reducing agriculture biogenic methane emissions as well as the Government’s work to build the world’s only farm-level emissions measurement, management and pricing system.

The Commission’s final advice sets out the total amount of emissions New Zealand must cut over the next 15 years.

It also provides three different pathways the Government could follow to keep within the proposed emission budgets.

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What NZ agriculture must do to tackle climate change

In a guest post on the Hot Topic blog, Dr Gavin Kenny sets out his views on the sorts of things NZ agriculture should be doing to address climate change as it happens.

Kenny is a scientist who says for more than 20 years he has worked professionally on the “what ifs” of climate change, focused mostly on what it might mean for agriculture, in NZ , Europe, the Pacific Islands and Asia.

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