The past, present and future of integrated pest management in fruit crops

Pests and the use of pesticide to deal with them have long been a problem for the New Zealand Pip Fruit industry, especially when it sought to gain access into new, high-value export markets.

But work carried out by Dr Jim Walker and his team has contributed to a reduction of more than 90 per cent in insecticide use (kg/ha) by local apple growers since the mid 1990s.

Alternative strategies have included the introduction of new natural enemies through to the development of selective pest management and use of semio-chemicals (pheromones) to support greater use of biological control in apple orchards.

The development and implementation of these innovative pest control measures are now central to today’s pest management systems.

Dr Walker, entomologist and Principal Scientist with Plant and Food Research, will talk about this research as well as the future sustainability and biosecurity threats facing the apple industry in Havelock North at 5.30pm on Wednesday..

Readers can register here to guarantee a seat

WHERE: Havelock North Function Centre, 30 Te Mata Road, Havelock North, Hawke’s Bay.



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