Marsden Fund preliminary proposals for 2017

The NZ Royal Society reports there were 1106 preliminary proposals for Marsden Fund financing this year – 776 Standards and 330 Fast-Starts.

Marsden Fund Standard grants are open to established researchers as well as emerging researchers. Funding is for three years and the amount of funding is flexible, depending on project needs.

Marsden Fund Fast-Start grants come from a special pool of funds set aside for emerging researchers (up to seven years after the conferment of their PhD).

The number of proposals received this year was similar to last year’s 1097, the third year of a slightly reduced number of applicants.

In total, 259 applicants have been invited to submit full proposals – 165 Standards and 94 Fast-Starts.

The society anticipates approximately 140 proposals will eventually be contracted. The projected amount of funding available is approximately $84.8 million (excl. GST).

Further data on the proposals accepted compared with those asked to submit full proposals can be found HERE.


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