International food safety experts in NZ for Food Integrity Conference

Global experts on how to protect our food systems and build strong food export brands are in Auckland this week for Food Integrity 2017.

Attended by some of New Zealand’s leading food producers, the two-day conference
at the Crowne Plaza, Auckland, today and tomorrow brings together international food experts to help local companies navigate the complex international food export market place, assisting them to understand risks and mitigate against them while building profitable export brands.

The conference will hear from a range of national and international food safety experts.

Food Integrity 2017 Is being followed by a one day Professional Intentional Food Adulteration Course. This will be run by the Food Protection & Defense Institute and hosted by the Associate Director Food Protection and Defense Institute, Dr Jennifer van de Ligt. It will help food producers develop strategies to guard against acts intended to cause wide-scale harm to their consumers and ruin brand reputation.

The 2017 Food Integrity Conference is convened by the Asia Pacific Centre for Food Integrity in association with AJ Park, one of Australasia’s leading intellectual property law firms.


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