Indication of interest in Biosecurity 2025 working groups is sought

The Biosecurity 2025 team is establishing the steering group and working groups signalled at the Grow Biosecurity Forum in November last year, with membership from across the biosecurity system.

The role of the steering group (the Royal Society of New Zealand advises in its latest newsletter) will be to oversee the development of an implementation framework to deliver the Biosecurity 2025 Direction Statement. Working groups will develop work plans that will each be a component of the overall implementation framework.

An early task for the Steering Group will be to confirm the scope and role of working groups, however at this stage, the biosecurity team are seeking an indication of interest for involvement in the working groups.

It is likely that:

  • There will be multiple working groups, most likely one for each strategic direction.
  • Working groups will deliver a workplan, which will contribute a component of the overall implementation plan. These workplans will outline the key actions and activities that are required across the system to deliver on the particular Strategic Direction
  • Working groups will be in place for 6-8 months (until work plans have been developed)
  • Members will be expected to contribute to the work of the working groups including the development of workplans. Commitment is likely to include several full day meetings and work outside of meeting sessions. Although there will be some flexibility for members to be more or less involved, they are looking for people who can commit time and effort to ensure that implementation planning is a timely and effective process.
  • Working group membership will be drawn from across the biosecurity system

The biosecurity team will provide further information about scope and role of working groups and the expectations for commitment of members once confirmed. However at this stage, they would like to hear from you, if you, or your organisation, are interested in being involved. If possible, please let them know what Strategic Direction you are most interested in.

A copy of the Direction Statement is available on the MPI website.

the Biosecurity 2025 Team can be contacted at


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