Applications are opened for the 2017 Endeavour Fund

Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce has announced that applications are open for the 2017 Endeavour Fund. A series of roadshows will be held this week for potential applicants.

The Endeavour Fund is New Zealand’s biggest contestable scientific research fund, with $209 million in research funding allocated in the just-completed 2016 round. A similar sum will be invested in the 2017 round.

The Endeavour Fund invests in “excellent research that has potential to positively transform our economic performance, create environmental sustainability and integrity, and help New Zealand society”, Joyce said.

“The roadshow sessions being run by MBIE are a great opportunity to provide potential applicants with the information they need to complete applications that demonstrate the impact and excellence in their research.”

The Endeavour Fund, previously known as the MBIE Contestable Science Fund, is one of the Government’s main mission-led science investments. The National Statement of Science Investment, published late in 2015, set a 10-year strategic direction for the science and innovation system, including a review and refresh of the Contestable Fund.

The Fund was renamed as the Endeavour Fund in 2016 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Captain Cook’s landmark scientific voyage to New Zealand.

There are two routes for applying for the funding: Smart Ideas and Research.

  • Smart Ideas – Generating Ideas.  Fast-fail support to catalyse and rapidly test promising, innovative research ideas with high potential for benefit to New Zealand.
  • Research Programmes – Developing Ideas. Supports the development of ambitious, excellent, well-defined research ideas which, collectively, have credible and high potential to positively transform New Zealand’s future in areas of future value, growth or critical need.

More information is available here.


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