Submissions sought on fungicide for wheat crops

The Environmental Protection Authority is calling for submissions on an application to import for release Elatus Plus fungicide. This fungicide contains the active ingredient benzovindiflupyr and is intended to be used to control a number of fungal diseases affecting wheat crops. This active ingredient has not previously been approved under the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act and is not a component in any approved formulation.

The applicant, Sygenta Crop Protection Limited, intends Elatus Plus to be used to control four major fungal diseases affecting wheat crops (speckled leaf blotch, glume blotch, leaf rust, and stripe rust).

Elatus Plus is an emulsifiable concentrate containing 100 g/L benzovindiflupyr (also known as solatenol). It is intended to be applied using ground-based application methods only, with two applications 14 days apart.

Application details and information can be viewed here. 

The submissions period for this application opens today and closes at 5pm on Monday March 21.

Submissions are an opportunity to provide further information and raise issues about an application. They will inform a decision-making committee that will decide whether to approve or decline the application.


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