ePress to publish a multi-disciplinary, multi-format biosecurity research series,

Perspectives in Biosecurity editors Dan Blanchon and Mel Galbraith have announced a research series due for release at Unitec’s in-house online publisher ePress. It is a multi-disciplinary digital series of research outputs covering all aspects of the field of biosecurity.

The work will be authored primarily by staff, students, graduates, associates, and collaborators of Unitec, addressing biosecurity issues.

“Biosecurity embraces many disciplines,” says Blanchon.

“There is a great deal of creative and engaging research happening and we wanted to provide a platform that brings together the diverse strands that make up the discipline as well as capturing and supporting the innovative outputs along with the more traditional.’

The research series is a first for both Unitec and the field of biosecurity because of the the multi-disciplinary and multi-format nature.

Galbraith says:

“There is nothing like it in our field that we are aware of”.

But ePress has worked with several styles of publications including eMedia.

The authors have invited inquires from potential authors as they work on the first selection of papers to publish under the series banner this year.

This includes an eMedia webmap of the Queensland fruit fly’s geographical journey.

More information can be found here.


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