Submissions sought on modified reassessment for herbicide

The Environmental Protection Authority is calling for submissions on a modified reassessment of the herbicide Callisto. This is an already approved herbicide, which contains the active ingredient mesotrine.

The current approval for Callisto has restrictions on the rate at which the product is applied and the number of applications. The applicant, Syngenta Crop Protection, is seeking to increase the application rate and frequency, and extend the use of the substance to include turf. There would be no change to the application method.

If approved, the substance would be marketed as Tenacity Turf Herbicide.

The application is being notified due to application changes.

The submission period for this application started on 28 April and will close at 5pm on 10 June.

Further information on submissions and the hearing process can be found here.

The EPA’s role is to decide on applications under the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act to import and manufacture hazardous substances. It puts controls in place to manage the risks of hazardous substances to safeguard people and the environment.

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