EPA seeks submissions on new seed treatment

Public submissions have been  invited on an application to import Poncho Votivo, an insecticide for use as a seed treatment in wheat, maize, forage brassicas and grass seed.

The active ingredients of Poncho Votivo are clothianidin (a neonicotinoid) and Bacillus firmus, a non-pathogenic soil-dwelling micro-organism (nematicide).

The Environmental Protection Authority’s submission period will close at 5pm on 27 November. Submissions will be considered by the decision-making committee that decides whether to approve the application.

Poncho Votivo is a reformulation of Poncho, already registered in New Zealand. It has Bacillus firmus added and reduced clothianidin.

Application details and information can be viewed on the EPA website.

If a public hearing is held before the decision is made the EPA will provide at least 10 working days’ notice of the hearing date, time and place to all submitters and the applicant.

The EPA oversees applications under the HSNO Act to import and manufacture hazardous substances. We put controls in place to manage the risks of hazardous substances to safeguard people and the environment.

Further information on submissions and the hearing process can be found at http://www.epa.govt.nz/about-us/have-your-say.



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