Waikato-Bay of Plenty Soils conference

The second one-day regional conference of Waikato-Bay of Plenty-based soil scientists “Wai-BoP Soils 2013” is being held on Thursday 5 December – World Soils Day – at the University of Waikato.

The conference will be convened by the University’s Earth and Ocean Sciences professors David Lowe and Louis Schipper. It provides an opportunity for soil scientists and others with interests in land and soil and their sustainable management to assemble for a day of talks and networking.

The conference begins 8.10am with keynote speaker Professor Vic Arcus who will give a cross-disciplinary talk “Temperature controls on soil microbial processes” that is set to revolutionise the discipline of soil science.

The 25 12-minute papers scheduled for the day will conclude with this year’s N H Taylor Memorial Lecture by Massey University’s Professor Mike Hedley entitled “The next steps in nutrient management of grazed pasture systems”.

Around 70 participants, including 18 students, are set to attend the conference.

The conference is sponsored by the Waikato Regional Council, the Soils Group of the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Waikato, and the New Zealand Society of Soil Science.


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