Govt invests $278m in new research programmes

New Zealand researchers will receive $278 million in new research investment, Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce has announced.

The 51 research programmes receiving funding are in the biological industries, high-value manufacturing and services, energy and minerals, environmental, and health and society sectors.

“Science and innovation is critical to New Zealand’s economic success and growth. Our science investments must result in research programmes that deliver economic, environmental, and social outcomes,” Mr Joyce says.

“All the successful proposals not only meet these standards, but also cover a diverse range of topics – from safeguarding our $1.7 billion seafood industry to helping New Zealand companies to incorporate high-temperature superconductors in practical products for the electricity industry.”

Other proposals that will receive funding include:

* Developing new materials for 3D printing and use by New Zealand industry

* Assessing how downsizing in housing affects the independence of older adults

* Protecting our native forests from devastating plant diseases

* Improving knowledge of New Zealand’s complex geothermal systems allowing better use of their energy potential

Many of the proposals involve collaborations between several research organisations, with industry partners contributing co-funding and market knowledge to help accelerate commercial outcomes.

“The calibre of the proposals received this year was extremely high and true reflection of the great talent, excellent science, and strong engagement with users of research in New Zealand,” Mr Joyce says.

Through the submission process, 229 proposals were received.

The Science and Innovation Minister’s Science Board made the final investment decisions following a robust peer review and assessment process by independent experts.

The new research contracts will take effect from 1 October and will run for between one and seven years.

More information on the successful research investments can be found here.


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