Blogger gets heated about Groser’s remarks on farming, climate change and the ETS

Gareth Renowden, a writer, photographer and truffle grower based in the Waipara Valley, has challenged remarks by Climate Change Minister Tim Groser about agriculture and the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Renowden publishes the influential Hot Topic blog, covering climate change science and politics in New Zealand.

He has taken issue with remarks by Groser at the National Agricultural Fieldays earlier this month.

Groser claimed that including agriculture in the emissions trading scheme would be madness.

Any attempt to deliberately price carbon to reduce our agriculture output to make some ideological point would not only be an economic mistake of grave proportions, it would worsen the problem of global anthropogenic-induced greenhouse gas warming since the production gap would be filled by less carbon efficient producers than ours. Utter environmental and economic madness, in my view.

But at The Daily Blog today, Renowden argues that Groser is talking utter nonsense, and agriculture needs to be included in the Emissions Trading Scheme as soon as possible.

You can see what he is arguing here. He has called for comments at The Daily Blog.


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