Nathan Guy calls for proposals for the next round of Primary Growth Partnership funding

Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy is encouraging primary sector groups to submit proposals for the next funding round of the Primary Growth Partnership.

Applications for the ninth round of funding must be received by midday of September 19. Applicants will be advised of the outcome and whether they will be invited to progress their proposal by late November 2013.

In a media statement today (here), Guy said the PGP invests in major programmes of research and innovation to boost New Zealand’s farming, forestry and food sectors.

PGP and co-investors have so far committed $658 million of multi-year funding for 13 projects. The potential benefit to the wider economy from these projects is over $7 billion per year from 2025.

“Increasing productivity will be crucial in achieving the Government’s goal of doubling primary exports by 2025,” says Mr Guy.

Some examples of projects include:

* The FarmIQ programme now has more than 500 farmers involved and has released a Pilot Farm Management system.

* An Audited Nutrient Management System is now available for use by farmers and dairy companies, as a result of work in the Dairy PGP programme.

* Two large-scale High-performance Manuka honey plantation trials are now well-established and a third was planted in October 2012.

* Precision Seafood Harvesting’s first trawl prototypes are performing well against the objective of delivering low-fatigue, low-damage, high-value fish.

* Early market research as part of ANZCO’s FoodPlus programme has identified opportunities for development of new products from lower-value parts of the beef carcase.

Each project is subject to careful monitoring. The Ministry for Primary Industries’ oversight includes a requirement for quarterly reporting against the contractual milestones, and progress payments are tied to this information.

Three years of the PGP will be celebrated at a function at Parliament on Monday evening.

Further information is available here.


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