Applications are called for Callaghan Innovation R&D Student Grants

Innovative New Zealand businesses are invited to apply for funding to hire students as part of the Government’s R&D Student Grants scheme.

The R&D Student Grants, which will be administered by Callaghan Innovation, are available this year to R&D-active New Zealand companies to employ up to 70 postgraduates and 200 undergraduate students from science, technology, engineering, design, or marketing degrees.

A media statement was issued from the Beehive today (here).

“The Government’s R&D Student Grants will give New Zealand’s future innovators a head start in their careers by enabling them to gain and develop their technical skills by working in a commercial research environment,” Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce says.

“The grants are hugely beneficial both for industry and young talent – helping students find suitable employment after their studies and helping to speed up business’s R&D work thanks to the contribution of bright, young minds with the latest knowledge and a fresh perspective.”

The postgraduate R&D Student Grants will continue to provide businesses with an expanded range of skills – adding design, marketing and commercialisation experience to science, technology and engineering skills – in response to feedback received from companies.

Based on an annual salary of $60,000, the postgraduate R&D Student grants will provide companies with 50% of annual salary costs up to $30,000 (plus GST) to cover the salary of the postgraduate for the first six months.

The undergraduate R&D Student Grants will provide companies with funding of $16 per hour for up to 400 hours of work for a maximum of $6,400 (excluding GST).


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