Groser cheered by latest data on NZ’s emissions

Climate Change Minister Tim Groser has welcomed New Zealand’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Net Position, saying it shows “we are on track to meet our Kyoto commitments”.

The Greenhouse Gas Inventory provides a historical snapshot of NZ’s greenhouse gas emissions while the Net Position forecasts by how much NZ’s emissions will be above or below our Kyoto Protocol target.

Groser said it was encouraging to see the current projections show NZ will have a surplus of 29.6 million emission units for the Kyoto Commitment Period of 2008-2012.

“We are completely focussed on meeting our existing Kyoto targets as part of the first commitment period while continuing to do our fair share in reducing emissions,” Mr Groser says.

The Inventory shows an increase in total emissions from 71.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2010 to 72.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2011.

There was a small increase in emissions from agriculture and industrial processes, but emissions from waste and energy decreased.

These reports were released today –

The Greenhouse Gas Inventory:

The Net Position:

Deforestation Intentions Survey 2012:


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