Chilly welcome for climate change sceptic

New Zealand’s top climate change scientists have rallied together to challenge a British sceptic who is touring the country to proclaim global warming as a myth that should be ignored, the NZ Herald reports (here).

Lord Christopher Monckton, a former advisor to Margaret Thatcher, is on a 16-venue nationwide speaking tour telling New Zealanders they shouldn’t be worried about rising temperatures or sea levels.

He says carbon taxes and emissions-trading schemes should be scrapped because they are too expensive.

But government scientists and academics have warned that Lord Monckton’s views are not based on science, and go against all the research they have done and read.

Dr James Renwick, associate professor of physical geography at Victoria University, dismissed Lord Monckton’s views as “rubbish”.

“He’s a great showman and speaker, and climate change is a vehicle to self-publicise.

“But he has no training and has studiously avoided learning anything about science, I would say.”

Niwa principal scientist Brett Mullan has criticised Lord Monckton’s views as “very damaging” for public perception.

Professor Dave Frame, director of the Climate Change Research Institute at Victoria University, described him as a “vaudeville act” to be ignored.


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