NZIAHS awards nominations and applications

To nominate fellow members for their contributions to the industry, get your forms here from the institute website, or – for personal assistance – contact Jenny Taylor (09) 812 8506 or email

Jubilee Medal – Awarded for an exceptional contribution to primary resource science over a sustained career.

Emerging Scientist Award – Significant achievement and outstanding contribution by an emerging scientist dedicated to research and science leadership.

Fellow – To recognise members who have given outstanding service to agricultural and horticultural science. Needs to reflect an on-going and active engagement in scientific research and development evidenced by authorship or co-authorship of an ongoing series of nationally and internationally significant publications or other peer-reviewed scientific treatises.

Honorary Fellow – For significant contribution to agriculture or horticulture (as above) and to the Institute.

Honorary Member – For significant contribution to the Institute.

Doug Campbell Award – For service to sections.

Sir Arthur Ward Award – Communication beyond the call of duty to the wider audience.

AGMARDT Technology Transfer Award – Exemplary transfer of agricultural (interpreted broadly) information to the end user.

NZIAHS Postgraduate Award – For a postgraduate research scientist to attend and present their research at an international conference.

NZIAHS Science Award – For travel to do with research.


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